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Expert: the prospects for the development of industrial biot

The release date£º2016-05-04 |

Xinhua Tianjin 18 April, (reporter Zhou Runjian)  In the China Industrial Biotechnology Development Summit Forum, experts said that it is expected to reach 2.2 trillion on the contribution of industrial biotechnology in Chinese GDP in 2020.

 Make "meet the sustainable development of the bio economy era" as the theme of the China Industrial Biotechnology Development Summit Forum held. Ouyang Pingkai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences expected that bio energy, bio materials and biomass conversion technologies will be applied within next 20 years. In 2020, the contribution of industrial biotechnology in China's GDP will reach 2.2 trillion yuan.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Li Jiayang also believes that China's industrial biotechnology has a good foundation. In recent years, the development is fast, which is likely to be one of the field of new and high technology development. Based on industrial biotechnology, biologicalsafety has the advantage of less investment and short period. China has formed a good industrial base, which is a good opportunity to participate in the international competition of biotechnology and should become a strategic focus of application research of biological technology in china.

On the other hand, China is serious shortage of fossil energy. Coal, oil and gas resources are very limited. A population of 1300000000, lack of resources, energy shortages, environmental pollution and other practical problems have became a huge obstacle to the sustainable development of society. As a pillarindustry of biotechnology bio economic development, its application will promote the development of bio energy,bulk chemicals, biological materials and biomass product engineering, which is a green ecologicalmodernization road.

The forum aims to attract more excellent talented and skilled profession to join the industrial biotechnology,basic research, applied research and industry practice, enhancing the integration of industrial biotechnology innovation and achievement transformation ability, promoting the development of China's industrial biotechnology.

The forum was sponsored by the Bureau of life science and biotechnology, China Academy of Sciences biological technology development center, Ministry of science and technology China Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission and China biological engineering institutes. More than 400 people attended the meeting including Chinese, American and Japanese who come from more than 70 different enterprises ,universities and research institutes. .

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