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The function of modern wound dressings

The release date£º2015-05-09 |

An important function of a novel functional wound dressing is that it can replace the damaged skin,and have been applied to the wound healing.

Performance characteristics:

Against the mechanical factors (such as dirt, collision, inflammation), against pollution and chemical stimulation

To prevent the scondary infection

To prevent drying and the loss of body fluid (electrolyte)

To prevent heat loss

In addition to the comprehensive protection of the wound, through debridement it also have an active effect on the process of wound healing, promoting the micro environment of wound healing.

Product introduction:

1, interactive wound dressing

With acrylic acid ester polymer which has super efficient absorption, once been activated by Ringer's solution it can continuous release of Ringer's solution after 24hours, resulting in continuous, active, powerful cleaning wounds. applied to all open wounds (except for the narrow and deep wound), including wound infection and healing period, especially in the debridement period.

2, silver dressing

Silver ion can kill bacteria, control wound infection, accelerate wound healing, remove the odor caused bybacteria, and is an ideal anti infection wound dressing.

3, calcium alginate dressing

It is the mixture of alginate and calcium ions, and it can formate smooth gel after contacting with wound liquid or blood, in order to protect the wound and effectively promote wound healing.

4, the foam dressing

Most foaming dressing is made of the water molecules, covered with a layer of polyurethanemembrane, possessing abilities of good fluid absorption and effective management of liquid permeabilityreducing the risk of wound adhesion and cushion pressure, promoting wound healing.

5, hydrocolloid dressing

By using the principle of sealed moisture , the contact of hydrophilic CMC particles and wound forms a layer of wet gel in the wound surface, to create a continued moist environment, and avoid the wound adhesion.

6, hydrogels

Hydrophilic polyurethane polymer with high water content can automatically adjust the wound moist degree, having the ability to absorb a small amount of fluid, which is not sticking the wound and easy to remove.

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