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The necessary safety escort treasure every driver

The release dateú║2015-07-17 |
Hu Jia Bao help you prevent drunk driving
What is the Hu Jia Bao

Hu Jia Bao: Through the test of saliva, it can display alcohol content in blood.

Scope of application: police and civilian. Police: Check drivers' saliva, qualitative to drinking, drunk and not exceeding.

Civil: On many occasions, have a grasp of their own drink capacity to prevent the occurrence of accidents,

Hu Jia Bao helps you scientifically verify your sense of self and prevent drunk driving.

what problem does it  solve?

Hu Jia Bao helps you know that you have not exceeded!

Methods: Place it under the tongue and compared with the contrast color card. Different colors represent different blooda lcohol content.

Results: If display of Hu Jia Bao is not exceeded, the decomposed wine in your body will not affect you. You can be assured and so is your family.

The quality supervision of Ministry of public security

Hu Jia Bao belongs to public traffic safety products and product quality supervision is managed by the Ministry of public security.

Hu Jia Bao: in 2009 the Ministry of public security traffic safety product quality supervision and inspection centerdetection number: No. 2009359.

Hu Jia Bao industry standard is GA, which means the public security and the departments is science and TechnologyDepartment of the Ministry of public security.

High-tech biological products

Enzyme stabilizer in Hu Jia Bao is the world's problems in biochemistry.

My company introduced Hu Jia Bao into China in 2004. With the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Research Institute, according to the Chinese human body and eating habits, we successfully capture world problem.

Hu Jia Bao biological detection is the representation of the product,  which is fast response, high accuracy and wide application range.

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