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Release the saliva alcohol test strip standard

The release date£º2015-07-17 |

The newspaper news (Wu Jinyu reporter Ding Xiuyu) July 27th, Changzhou saide Riel biotechnology limited company and the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Research Institute and another units jointly drafted the "saliva alcohol test strip standards" which will be officially released in December 1st this year.

Changzhou saide Ruier biotechnology limited company is a private science and technology enterprises and the company actively tracks the novel biochemical reagents and test methods. After years of research, the company successfully developed the "test, check the saliva alcohol" alcohol detection. Compared with other alcohol test, the method does not need the aid of instruments and equipment. With the standard color card, we can direct interprete with the naked eye. The sensitivity is 0.01% (ie: 10mg/ 100ml) which is high efficiency, accurate, fast and safe.

It is reported that, Changzhou's Real Company participated in the formulation of the "saliva alcohol test strip"standard, the provisions of the "saliva alcohol test strip" test method and the determination requirements.

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