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In the drunk driving behavior: "great China type ripple

The release date£º2015-07-16 |

 The storm struck again and is unusually fierce.

In August 15th, the Ministry of Public Security launched nationwide drunk driving violation special action for a period of two months. Until August 28th, a total of 28800 drinking driving offenses cases have been dealt with, including 4376 drunk driving violations, accounting for 15.2% of the total number of investigation.

In fact, the rectification action never stops. Only in February 20th, March 5th, March 20th 20 to 22 this year,the Ministry of public security has organized three national drink driving offenses action. Only in February 20th, local police were deployed about 100000 people, more than 40000 police motorcycles, siting near 1000 check point, dealting with more than 12000 drink driving cases, which leads to more than 3000 people detained.

But the storm was violent, Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau responsible person said, we implemente  "zero tolerance, high voltage wire" policy for drunk driving traffic violations. Just like a stone, the special action is thrown into a pool of strongly mixed with human and legal concept society. How big waves will arouse?

The "four strict penalties shall be"

Late on the night of August 29th, drunk driving Mr. Wang is blocked by Shenzhen police. From the beginning of the second day, he will be "unreasonable" detention for 15 days, even if this is the day of his wedding day.

"I want to finally have a bachelor's life with guys", Mr. Wang did not think the police remediation efforts is so big.

In August 14th, the Ministry of public security of the deployment of special action television and telephoneconference, the relevant responsible person made four principles: Driving a motor vehicle after drinking will be temporarily cancelled driving license for 3 months; Drunken driving motor vehicles will be detained for 15 days,temporarily cancelled driving license for 6 months; For drunk driving 2 times a year, driving license shall be revoked; He shall not reapply for driving license within 2 years and 5 years for profit drivers; If having the provisions of laws and regulations with the penalty or fine, they shall be given a heavier punishment.

Iron to make, immediately answered throughout the country.

In Yunnan, until August 31st, Yunnan province has carried out unified action 37 times, deploying the 57057 police, checking point 594, and checked the driver 175240.

In Jiangxi, during a period of 15 days to 30 days of the campaign, Jiangxi province dispatched 15000 police cars,3365 drink driving cases, 56 drunk driving cases, temporarily driving license 3353.

In Zhejiang, until August 30th, Zhejiang province has dealt with 11195 drink driving offenses and 1370 people were administrative detented for drunk driving. Among them, the province's 63 staff of state organs are copied to the discipline inspection and supervision departments for drunk driving.

Mr. Li told the "Legal Daily from the previous weekend", about 10 in the evening is the prime time for police to dealt with drink driving, but recently he often found there are a lot of police guarding at important junctions early in the morning.

Even a lot of high-tech equipment also joined the special action. Sichuan Province Chengdu City traffic police detachment use the "black 1" alcohol detector, "as long as the instrument is on the lips, speak out gas will be collected by the instrument, and automaticiy generate the test results. The error is minimal". A traffic police said.

A saliva alcohol content test is ont only used by Shenzhen police used, but also uesd by a lot of hotel to test for the customer. As long as the contained color side set on the tongue, observe the color degree of discoloration can detect how much alcohol content 10 sec later.

In fact, China's drunk driving standard is loose. The State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued in May 31, 2004 the "vehicle drivers blood, breath alcohol test threshold and the" national standard (GB19522-2004) requirements: drink driving refers to the blood alcohol content greater than or equal to 20mg/100mL and less than 80mg/100mL, namely between 0.2 mg to 0.8 mg. Drunk driving is the vehicle drivers blood alcohol content greater than or equal to 80mg/100mL.

In Sweden, drunken driving limit is 0.02 mg, 0.03 mg in Germany, 0.05mg in Japan and 0.08mg in the United States. Peking University professor Wang Xixin said bluntly, "drunk standards is so soft that it can give many people a chance".

Human, or "accident"?

¡¡¡¡When Mr. Wang was investigated for drunk driving in August 29th, his family wanted to insert relationship by acquaintances, but they found that the traffic police bureau acquaintance is disconnected.

In fact, Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau shielded the mobile phone signal in the whole building. Even when a drunk driver was brought back to the present, their phone will be shielded. In the process of finding out the case and transferring to the detention, do not give anyone the opportunity to intercede.

"Legal Daily" on the weekend had tried to contact some local authority in charge, but they were in no one answered or hang up state.

Vice Minister of the Ministry of public security Party committee, Liu Jinguo stressed no punishment for drunk driving offense or someone interceding for drink driving violations, should be severely accountable.

The police transfer become effective weapon for action. Shenzhen city first carried out cation. The Futian District police were transfered to Baoan District or Longgang while Baoan District traffic police were transferred to Luohu District, but has not issued a notice in advance.

Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau Command director Xu Wei also said, "The implementation of the off-site rectification, regional rotation, punishment, unified education practices and so on should be normalized and perennial".

The bigger Police transfer is in Liaoning province. Traffic Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau of Liaoning province investigated 3626 illegal behaviors in 9 cities including Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan and other places in three days.

However, more and more cases seems to prove that the human society is not compacted by a modern "wheel", which has become the most important reason for drunk driving.

According to statistics of the Ministry of public security, from the national situation, in the last few days, drunk driving behavior is common in some economically developed area and Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing becomes the top five in the nation. The media learned from a Beijing detention center that, individual and private enterprises boss drunkdrivers accounted for more than 80% of the detainees, aged between 35 years old to 45 years old. Because of small achievements, it is very often to take part in dinner party.

But human accident also has unexpected human nature. In August 31st, Chengdu drunk driver Sun Weiming who killed 4 people will determine the second instance in September 4th, and on the same day, Sun Weiming's father was been operated cancer surgery.

Sun Weiming was sentenced to death for the crime of endangering public safety, then, his father was investigated with bladder cancer and the families in Sun Weiming case gave 600 yuan to the sun's father by media. Previously, three families of the victims signed a "memorandum of understanding" to express the understanding of Sun Weiming.

Drunk "into the punishment" for and not

After the brutal claim of 4 lives, Sun Weiming brang a slightly warm picture. However, it is traffic accident crime or the crime of endangering public safety crime and heavy or light penalty still be discussed behind t the special action.

The special operation was launched because of the drunk accident which occured frequently nationwide.

On the evening of June 30th, in the Jiangning District of Nanjing City, the driver Zhang Mingbao drunk driving caused five dead and four wounded, including a pregnant woman. In the evening of August 4th, Wei Zhigang was drunk driving in the downtown of the city and killed a 16 year old girl who was crossing the road. In the evening of August 5th, in Heilongjiang, Jixi City, the driver Zhang Xijun who did not have alicense drunk driving resulted in the death of two people and more than a dozen people were injured.

Peking University professor Wang Xixin believes that driving after drinking may lead to criminal sanctions. Not drunk, also does not have to be drunk, but not necessarily a traffic accident, this time drinking and driving itself constitute a kind of abstract danger, is dangerous to society, for others".

In July 17th, the two lawyers Li Gang and Luo Yi submitted to the National People's Congress, proposed to amend the criminal law, adding the driving after drinking, drunk driving crime. In July 20th, 6 lawyers in jinan also proposed to add the "drunk driving crime of endangering public security" in the criminal law of the NPC Standing Committee's recommendations.

"We suggest that the amendment to the criminal law. Adding a crime is mainly frightening drunk driving in order to curb the spread of drunk driving." Li Gang said.

But opposition is not in the minority. Some lawyer thinks, compared with amendment to the criminal law, it is more important for the enforcement of the law. "The current legal deterrent is enough, but not implemented, and not obtain the good implementation. If not implemented, even if the drink driving rises to the level of criminal law, it still not have the enough intensity of shock and awe."

In August 26th, the Ministry of public security released news, from August 15th to 22, the national road traffic safety situation remained drop trend. More than 5 people died in a road traffic accident rises slowed, drink driving accident caused the death of people fell significantly.

During the period, the occurrence of drunken driving accident caused the death of 32 people, down 23.8% from last year. Early results of the special operation has shown.

Experts adviced to improve the deterrent effect of drunk driving from multi aspects. Wang Xixin think we should increase social costs of drunk drivers, such as vehicle insurance cost, vehicle insurance should be lost if involving in drunk driving behaviour. Now the Ministry of public security introduced a new way that drunk driving may enter the credit system. For example, in some places drunk driving behavior should be exposed to the society to increase the negative image.

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