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In order to prevent drunk driving restaurants free customer

The release date£º2015-07-16 |

There are many barbecues in Shenzhen City, Xiangmi Lake street. Customers usually leave at least ten thirty in the evening after eating and drinking. But reporters saw in August 27th, 7, almost all the barbecues sold out after 9.  The majority of barbecues have no customers. A barbecue site responsible person said, when eating barbecue  they usaully drinking a lot. After the  investigation of drunk driving, their sale value fell 40000 yuan. Less drinking means customers will leave early.

Food street in "Xibei village" customer service director Chen Xiaojie said, although the traffic is not affected, but this half a month, their store liquor sales is 10000yuan less than last month, drink sales have risen. The wine sales in CITIC restaurant  is not as good as before.

After the drunk driving carried out in Shenzhen, many restaurants affected by it. Bosses have to come up with some ways to attract customers. For a time, taxi dinner, wife driver, wife urging people to drink driving on behalf of mission has become a hot word in Shenzhen.

Disappear driving services on behalf of suddenly returns.

In xiangmi Lake Shenzhen City, a car rental company, Zhang said, the quantity and prices of services on behalf of the drive have increased, but 200 yuan ~300 yuan driving services on behalf of can not be accepted by wage earners.

Many restaurants have also launched the driving services on behalf of, but still faces many difficulties, such as high driving cost, trouble, protection of customers' property, protection of  the guests' privacy. All of  these are difficult to deal with.

A restaurant boss in Nanshan said that since the action of drunk driving,restaurant wine sales fell 60%, the "water and wine accounted for 1 / 4 of all income and profits fell too much."

In order to improve the management, the boss think a lot of ways, such as providing driving services on behalf of, but because of limited manpower, the restaurant provides free driving on behalf of the service only for regular customers, which can not solve the fundamental problem.

Since knowing the new detection of alcohol from the newspaper, the boss is just like discovering the new world,quickly finding someone consulting to confirme that the alcohol test strip can be "civilian". He immediately bought more than two thousand for free delivery.

Having in this hotel for dinner, if the guest order wine, there is a "alcohol detection" together with wine on the table. The reporter saw a diners using measurement test after drinking 1 bottle of beer, its alcohol content is drunk ". While another one drank half of a cup beer, showing no problem. We all feel that this test strip is quite interesting and you can check yourself before driving.

The reporter learned that, at present, in Shenzhen City Food Street, King tin North Xiangmi Lake food street and other places, there are more than 30 restaurants in the promotion of "alcohol detection". According to reports, the test strip is expected promoting to the whole country from December 1st this year.

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