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A popular restaurant in alcohol detection can detect whether

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Detection of the alcohol content of restaurant service launched by diners.

Drunk driving, shock wave

Under the crackdown, drunk driving behavior does not disappear from the scene. Only on August 20th Shenzhen police seized 97 wine and drunk driving, in which 25 people were in administrative detention. In the investigation of drunk driving, most driver did not know whether he is drunk driving, this also exposed the lack of self-discipline of drunk driving.

How do you know your drunk driving is illegal? Whether you can test the alcohol content in the first time by yourself?  Recently, more than 30 restaurants in Shenzhen has quietly launched the alcohol testing, free of charge for guests to test alcohol, welcomed by consumers. Alcohol test comes from the traffic police check to the table.

The driver drunk himself

How to solve the problem of drunk driving has been a difficult problem for the relevant departments. As early as in 2004, Shenzhen established the country's first drunk driving on bahalf of the drive Professional Company. But because of higher fees, the control drunk driving counseling industry did not flourish. At present, chauffeur service enterprises fees are generally at 300 yuan each in Shenzhen. Although on brhalf of  the drink driving enterprise is a lot, basically, it always asks more but does less. In the face of high drunk driving services fee, many drivers have to take drunk driving.

Why drunk driving can not be stopped? I do not know whether drunkenness is an important reason. "I only drink two glasses of beer, how to reach the drunk standard?" In August 20th, the alcohol test reached 120 mg per 100 ml of blood Wang feel very wronged. In fact, this kind of mood fordetained the drunk driving is not a few. a lot of drivers think they don't drink much and don't reach the drunk driving standard, which is an important reason for drunk driving.

Alcohol test strip onto the table

The traffic police crackdown leaded many restaurant wine sales dropping significantly. YueFang Restaurant General Manager Zhong Lixin in Nanshan District told reporters, since crackdowning drive drinking by the traffic police department, the restaurant wine sales fell more than 60%. "A month of wine sales could reach 80000 yuan in the past, and it is estimated to fall to 30000 yuan at present."

Wine sales is an important profit growth for Shenzhen's catering enterprises. "Even if the financial crisis has not cause such a big impact on us." Zhong Lixin said. In order to cope with the traffic police department on the wine sales decline, Zhong Lixin also considers a lot of ways. At present, they sent a special driver restaurant for the guests to provide driving services on behalf of. "But we have limited manpower, only for some regular customers to provide such services, if every customer requirements on behalf of the drive, the restaurant is clearly unable to bear."

However, a new technical mean for Zhong Lixin saw a glimmer of hope. In August 20th, the Shenzhen police department's action, a new alcohol detection mode officially unveiled. Only a little test can detect whether the driver drunk and reach the drunk driving standard. Zhong Lixin immediately adapted this way, he spent a lot of money on buying more than two thousand alcohol detection for the guests free delivery. How much do you drink, weather reaching up drunken standard, guests can decide to drive their own testing.

Ming Yue Fang practice immediately spread in Shenzhen. Shenzhen has more than 30 restaurants are free to guests with alcohol detection.

A test that is "drunk"

A small paper can measure the alcohol content? Reporters learned from the police department, the principle of the alcohol test strip is an enzyme secreted by the body after drinking alcohol, as long as the water under the tongue for 10 seconds, you can get the alcohol content in the blood within one minute test value. If the color unchanged or yellow, representing not drink or less than 20 mg /100 ml. While more than 20 mg /100 ml would be shallow blue, more than 80 mg /100 ml is dark blue, more than 300 mg /100 ml is dark brown. According to the current law, drunk driving is not necessarily illegal, if the blood alcohol content is less than 20 mg, it belongs to the normal range and the police will not take any punishment. If the driving behavior is greater than 20 mg /100 mland less than 80 mg /100 ml is drinking and driving; alcohol content greater than or equal to 80 mg /100 ml is driving behavior for drunk driving.

Last night, the reporter in Yue Fang interviewed several people, they thought distribution is welcome. "If let me pay money to buyit , I will." Resident Mr. Wang last night and two friends came to the hotel for dinner, we drank some beer. "Know checking strictly, we did not dare to drink a lot, so every person drank two cups." Mr. Wang alcohol test results showed that the alcohol content is less than 20 mg, did not reach the drinking standard. Usually do not know how much is exceeded. Sometimes in order to socialize, drink some but feel good, so drive. The key is that we do not know weather it is exceeded. Now with this test,we can easily test ourselves. If exceeded, I do not drink firmly." Write headlines: reporter Liu Chunlin

- know more about D

Drink how much wine can exceed the standard differs from man to man.

Drink much wine can be drunk and driving? This differs from man to man.

Several ministry of public security traffic management research several had specifically done investigation. According to the findings of the experts, under normal circumstances, the blood alcohol concentration is inversely proportional to the weight. That is to say, Although the same amount of alcohol consumed, alcohol content may be higher in ligjter person.

Experts said that in addition to weight, there are many factors affecting the content of alcohol, such as individual difference, temperature, sex, age, body fat content, whether regular drinking. If you have a cold or physical discomfort, the same wine test results are not all the same. Therefore, one can't simply say their drink will not exceed the standard.

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