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Detection of drunk driving will no longer blowing his mouth

The release date£º2015-07-15 |

Drunk driving has become the rat crossing the street, which makes everybody crazy. It is reported yesterday that a rapid alcohol detection test strip in human saliva has successfully developed and in mass production in Jintan.The Ministry of public security has released "the saliva alcohol test strip" standard, and the implementation of the standard  is in 1st December. The standard is formulated by the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Research Institute and Changzhou said Riel Biotechnology Co. Ltd which is located in Jintan.

Changzhou said Riel biotechnology limited company actively tracks international novel biochemical reagents and test methods. After years of research, the successful development of the "alcohol test measuring saliva, check thealcohol" has been mass production. Compared with the blood sampling, instrument for measuring alcohol breath test, the method don't need aid of instruments and equipment, as long as the standard color card. With the naked eye direct interpretation, sensitivity is 0.01%, which is health, efficient, accurate and fast.

The company pays attention to seize the commanding heights of industry. In the development of products, we actively participate in the Ministry of public security to draft the standard and requirements at the same time.

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