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The new investment channel: the great development of ant bio

The release date£º2015-07-15 |

The new investment: Human is the most intelligent creatures in nature. Human use a variety of biological nature to achieve physical fitness and health care effect, even to make drugs. China is the hometown of edible ants. Which has 3000 years of history, as early as the nascent human. Our ancestors discovered the bear, pangolins and other animals feeding a large number ofants to get strong.

People were inspired by this and began eating ants. The ant is a small insect in nature, but the ant is strong in nature. It can lift 400 times its own weight of the object and transport more than 1700 times their own weight objects. From this perspective, the energy is far beyond human.

Polyrhachis ants is known as the "mini animal nutrition treasure house" and "natural medicine factory'. The crude protein content of this specie is higher than that of chicken, fish, beef. The ant is also famous for its medicinal function, because its preparation has many pharmacological effects such as immunomodulatory. Inhibit strong immune function and promote weak immune function which has obvious analgesic and hypnotic effect. In addition, the ants can synthesize a large number of ATP, which can resist fatigue and enhance physical strength, having a significant effect on scavenging free radical to prolong life. In the microelement that human must need, manganese, tin, iron, iodine, copper and zinc are most important and these elements are rich in ant, especially the zinc far more than any other animals. The ants also contains a variety of vitamins and other beneficial substances.Therefore, the ant is a good raw material for health food and ants will have great development prospects for clinical treatment.

But as many as ten thousand species of ants in nature, ant bodies' composition differs among different species. Not all are suitable for edible or medicine. Currently we know 12 kinds for safely edible and Tianxi Group productions' main raw material is the ant Polyrhachis vicina. At the end of this June, Chinese Health Association held  "the ant health food and health expert“ seminar, some famous experts and scholars had carried on the positive research. The expert thinks that the ant has the advantages of safety, effect, and controllable, which has application basis and broad prospects for development. Special attention should be paid to environmental protection,ecological balance and sustainable development in order to make greater contribution to human health. China Health Care Association, Zhang Fenglou at the seminar said that with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's self health care consciousness is increasing year by year, the consumption concept tends to be rational, the concept of life has also changed, from how to "cure" in the past to consider how to "prevente",more attention are paid to the quality of life nd health. Through this seminar, we hope to make further development in health care industry which use ants as rraw material. In addition, the experts and scholars affirm Tianxi group,expressing full recognition and support to the group's use of Polyrhachis ants medicinal and edible value.

Yilishen Tianxi group pushed the health industry to a certain height under the leadship of chairman Wang Fengyou. The group has become the integration of Chinese national traditional culture and modern biologicaltechnology as a whole. Research, production, sales, science and technology,agriculture, industry, commerce and media industry diversification all of these make a modern health credit enterprise group. By the virtue quality of ant and honest spirit, the group's production have been exported to abroad and praised by the majority of customers. The workshop, not only make people more understanding the ants, also let people fully realize the ant health effect. The rise and development of ant health industry on human health plays an important role which can not be underestimated. The seminar promotes the health care industry significancely. In the future, with people's increasing health awareness, more and more development will get in health care industry. Believe that the tiny creatures will play a greater role in the health care industry.

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