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New Functional Wound Dressing

Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage

  • Introduction

  • Introduction

    It is made of the non-woven or woven cotton material and soft material, which is mainly used for surgical wound care, sports sprain damage fixed splint, varicose veins postoperative edema, oppression hemostasis control, fixed dressings, IV catheter,first-aid hemostatic bandage. In the all,  it can replace all the current bandage products.


    Product features

    1. Joints activity after using is not restricted or shrinking, which will not hinder the circulation of the blood or make joint displacement of material good air permeability. It doesn't make the condensed water vapor wound and is convenient to carry.

    2. Tore easily ,appropriate pressure, good permeability. It should not be infected and has good tensile strength; Quick dress, conducive to wound healing, no allergic phenomenon.


    Product specification

    Non-woven material (A - 01-04)/cotton material (B - 01-04)

    The serial number specifications Packaging requirements
    A-01/B-01 2.5*450 120 rolls/carton   
    A-02/B-02 5*450 60 volumes/box  
    A-03/B-03 7.5*450 36 volume/box 
    A-04/B-04 10*450 30 volumes/box

    Color and specifications according to customer needs

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