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The negative pressure drainage bottle

  • Introduction

  • Products overview:

    The negative pressure drainage bottle is composed of drainage bottle and connecting pipes. For clinical negative pressure drainage tube will suck out pus, exudate, effusion or organization in vitro. Due to the good sealed performance, the negative pressure can be keep a long time. So, it can guarantee the continuous drainage. Bottles with one-way valve design can guarantee the bottles will not reverse flow in any case.

    Product advantage:

    1, Continuous high negative pressure fixes the wound edges, facilitates tissue growth and reduces the patient pain,

    2, Shorten the wound healing process; Reduce the complications and postoperative fever, etc

    3, Continuous remove the blood and secretions in the hole; Avoid cross infection effectively

    4, Reduce the generation of hematoma; Reduce the use of antibiotics;

    5  Reduce the times of changing bandage; Reduce the staff workload

    6, Product is simple, easy to grasp. Curative effect is far superior to conventional treatment.


    Main performance:

    Negative pressure drainage bottle is high performance medical level of polymer materials. This material has high strength, stiffness, toughness, and good transmission of light. The connections between components is medical uv curing adhesives or 6% of the international general ruhr cone screw joints, so the drainage device in the drainage bottle, and other various fittings can not bear less than 80 kpa vacuum negative pressure.

    1. The factory pre vacuum is not less than 80 kpa (actual output up to -98 kpa);

    2. The drainage bottle with marked feet is transparent and convenient to record;

    3. Vacuum indicator display vacuum degree clearly;

    4. Lock type joint reduces the risk of contamination and can avoid pulled off;

    Intended use:

    1, resection of the thyroid gland. such as breast cancer radical surgery with large area wound surgery;

    2, limb trauma surgery, arthroscopic surgery, spinal surgery and other demanding orthopaedic surgery.

    Product specifications:

    According to the volume is divided into: 100 ml, 200 ml, 400 ml, 600 ml four specifications


    Specifications according to customer needs customization

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