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Urine Collection Bags

  • Introduction

  • Introduction

    1. This product is designed for clinic connect catheter, then store the measurement urine.


    2. Set the catheter head to the head of drainage tube, press the bladder until urine can be seen in the catheter.


    3. The location of the urine bag should be placed below the bladder.


    4. As shown in figure, the hook can be used in thin mattress. Link may be removed if the mattress is about 10 cm thick. Urine bag hangs (pictured) directly in bed bang and place appropriately for easy reading. Adjust urine bag in order to place in a lower position.


    5. You can observe urine drip through rotate handle. vertically place precision metering box and liquid surface level calibration is urine volume. If the patient urine reduces or none can be observed, it is sensitive to reflect the patient's kidney function. If there is any abnormal phenomenon it can cause alarm and deal with in time, so that patients can avoid damage to the greatest extent.


    6. Rotate the handle clockwise to pure metering box urine into the urine bag. Measure twice after replying.


    7. Drainage length is about 130 cm and can store about 20 ml. Urine drainage tube is relatively thin and urine can form the surface, so that it can form the role of the U tube to facilitate the children and less urine patients to use. Two breathable membrane can be balanced between chamber air pressure and the outside.


    8. The best way to transship the patient is to empty urine and stuck pipe clamp.




    1. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and can be used only one time. Products are steriled, non-toxic and no pyrogen before opening package. If the packing is damaged, it is prohibited to use. Destroy after use.


    2. This product should be stored in the relative humidity not more than 80%, no corrosive gas and well-ventilated room.


    3. In the standard transporting and storage conditions, product is valid for two years since the sterilization date. Products shall not be used after validity.

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